Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Purple Portfolio

I like the colours in the image above and the lighting. All these images were taken in my last photography session of the Christmas holidays on Monday at Penzance. My favourite shots are the portrait (above) and the the first action shot (below).

These are very hit and miss action shots, but the 400d did alright but a nice new 7d would be even better! However its bit out my price range. The 400d's 3fps is just not quick enough for most action shots. When a birds flying it always photographs its wings in the same position or a wing obscuring the rest of the bird, so you really need 6fps+ to capture different posses.

A large selection of portrait shots of purple sandpipers in different lighting and different ranges. These birds winter every year at Jubilee Pool and show very well on the rocks at high tide. At low tide the birds disperse and feed at different beaches around Penzance.


  1. The 1st one is great. Ill have to get down there at some point.

  2. Brilliant set of images,well capture Greg.Love the second shot.

  3. Hi Greg, I hope you are well, I've not seen you for ages, I think the last time was at Stithians Dam. The first image is most interesting and the light is remarkable - well done.

  4. Thanks for all your comments guys! Its good to hear from you again Mike and I look forward to seeing you all out and around Cornwall.




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