Monday, 15 February 2010

My Best Animals so Far....

I haven't posted any thing for a while so I thought that I would post some of best animals that I have seen so far, however that doesn't mean best pictures as most of these are record shots and are terrible! There are many other things that I've seen but have no pictorial evidence for but at least I know I've seen them, such as Hoopoe, Gyr Falcon, Short-eared Owl, Little Crake, Waxwing and much more that I can't remember!

There is also those occasions when you get a unique experience that you didn't expect to happen. Two winters ago (or something like that) there was a Minke Whale that was swimming only 10 metres or so of shore from Swanpool and the day of the 2007 Rugby world cup final me and a couple mates had a day trip to the Ilse of Scilly and saw big rarities like Blackpoll warbler and on the way home on the Scillonian we were accompanied by 60+ Common Dolphin! It would have been even better if England had won!

But as always there are a few that you miss and you kick yourself for not seeing them like the Alder Flycatcher and Red-Flanked Bluetail. Anyway back to some photographs sorry for the long post but I don't expect to upload anything for a while as exams start soon and I'm absolutely dreading it!

Might see you all out and about sometime,


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  1. Great post Greg and I wish you Good Luck for your exams



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