Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Art Coursework

I just got back my GCSE art coursework back from the moderators and thought it my be of some interest. Over the past 2 years we had to complete 3 modules the first was Identity so we had to relate stuff to ourselves (hence the self portrait of me playing my guitar), the second was metamorphosis (which explains the picture of Liam Gallagher turning into a cheetah... yeah I don't know either!) and the third and final was a choice between lots of different topics such as jewellery, masks light and dark and so on..........
I kept trying to look for an excuse to draw birds, so after seeing a documentary on Birds of Paradise and the tribes people of Papua New Guinea I thought I would link that to the jewellery topic. My art teacher didn't really understand the idea but then she did think Papua New Guinea was in Africa! But the I did get a couple months painting birds in between lessons of further Chemistry, Physics and Maths which was good.
The red bird with the green tail is a King Bird of Paradise and there is also some studies of a Peregrine Falcon.
If your wondering why there are Birds on the Tribesman's head its because I thought it would be more fun painting birds rather than just the feathers in the final 10 hour exam and trust me it starts to get a bit boring and depressing after the first 2 hours because your being held there against your will and your no longer doing it for fun, which and the end of the day is what its all about. The big yellow and brown birds are Lesser Birds of Paradise.
Anyway hope you like them.


  1. Top marks,you seem to have a gift, love each and every one.My favourite two are your first and third sketch.
    Well done Greg.

  2. I agree with John, your work is truly remarkable, there is a special quality about all the drawings, I like them all.



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